Selecting Grout Colors

Tips for picking Grout Colors:

  1. Pick one color that works with all the tile in that room: don’t pick two colors for one bathroom
  2. Don’t pick any bright whites: they don’t stay looking that way for very long
  3. I tend toward picking warm light greys, not too dark
  4. For the main entry floor I’d pick a darker, warm grey that matches the tile, but slightly darker
  5. For the kitchen backsplash tile I’d pick a darker grout to hide grease, splatters, etc.

Red Powder Room glass tile:

  • Custom Building Products #105 Earth
  • Laticrete #30 Sand Beige (alternate color)


Some of my usual colors (from Custom Building Products):

  • Bone #382
  • Alabaster #333 (it’s a bit lighter than Bone but still a little warm)


the following are cooler light greys:

  • Snow White #11
  • Platinum #115


Darker cool grey

  • Delorean Gray #165


Laticrete ‘Mushroom’ #39 – it’s a light tan that works with beige / tan tiles